We're reinventing the luxury market with our 3 phase auction system.

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1012 Canal St. Ruskin, FL

This private retreat was 100% inspired by nature. It took 7 years to design and build, but the result is truely unique and breathtaking.

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We're reinventing the way luxury homes are sold

Our 3 phase non-distressed luxury auction system is changing the way that people buy and sell luxury homes. The traditional model works. This model works better. Learn how by clicking below.

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Phase 1. Pre auction

Phase 2. The auction

Phase 3. Post auction

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Buying At An Auction Has Advantages

Yes, as the buyer you will pay a 10% premium. However, at the auction, you have full transparency of whom your competition is. You also get to witness what the market is willing to pay in real time. This allows you to make an educated financial decision.

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Who We Are:

E.P.A. is a division of C21 Beggins Enterprises. C21 Beggins has been serving the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. In that time, we have performed over 55k transactions accounting for over $12 BILLION in sales. In that time, we have sold thousands of luxury homes using the traditional method. From that, we have learned the positives and negatives of listing exqusite, luxury properties the traditional way. So we set out on a mission to create a more effective way. Enter Exquisite Property Auctions.

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